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Dec 31, 2018

Our best wishes for 2019

We wish everyone a bright and prosperous 2019
A big thank you and a hug to all those who follow us ^-^

Sketchup Texture Team

Nov 16, 2017

V-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp - Now Available!

Impressive performance in the new V-ray for SketchUp 3.6
Today Chaos Group has released the new version of V-ray 3.6 for SketchUp, surprising everyone for the new outstanding performance, compatible with new SketchUp 2018.

V-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp Now Available!

Below we will look some of the main features
V-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp includes superfast GPU rendering, clever hybrid rendering, a slick UI, viewport rendering, VRscans support, and lots more!

To find out more about the topic click here
and this is the video released on Youtube this afternoon


Apr 9, 2016

Our new website is finally online!

Our new website is finally online!
Sketchup texture become an CLUB 

It has been a very demanding work that required a lot of time, and it was not easy to plan, organize, and think of everything, but finally, here we are!

our news website sketchup texture

The creation of this web site, is a natural consequence, which arises from the need to:

better safeguard our materials.
Since many blogs and facebook pages, have illegally copied all of our content, uploading them on their sites and passing them off as their content, copying our form, and our logo, in an obvious attempt to impersonate us, we had to resort to obligatory registration. This does not save us from internet pirates and by those who live annuity exploiting the work of others, but certainly allows us to better safeguard our materials;

better organize all the available material,
because with the blog we have many limits. In particular as regards the storage of files. Given the amount of materials, today we need to have our virtual warehouse in which to store all the material, present and future;

make the site navigation easy and professional

for all those who are looking for textures or other specific materials. All our materials are improved and rebuilt, and today, many textures, are also available in high resolution.

At this link , you will find useful information for understanding how to best utilize the site as it works, and what are the options you have.
We have to load still many textures, currently lack the texture of fabrics and carpets and a part of the texture of tiles, which will load a little at a time over the next few days, but are available now about 50,000 new textures, all seamless. in medium and high resolution
We have yet load many of the 3d models, which are still currently-available on our blog, being very large files, this operation takes a long time, so will be uploaded a little at a time, day by day.

Offer a broad international view for top CG artists and designers
to promote their artworks through the section " 3D ARCHVIZ" and "3D MODELS" , 
2 international portals that wants to thrust excellences in our Community.
For the best CG Artists, it will be really a great opportunity to be present. The portals are supported and sponsored by the most famous Italian design companies, and will become an international point of reference, thanks to the action of marketing's to which the site will be subject.

We're always refining our services to encounter all kind of professional requirements. 
Every suggestions and counsel will be keep in consideration. Meanwhile we would thank all of you for your time and participation.

We wish you good work and good surfing.
Welcome to your new CG Community!

Sketchup texture Club Admins

Mar 24, 2016

The new sketchup texture website is coming ....

Hello everyone ! We apologize for our absence but it is because we are working hard for all those who follow us.  Still 15 days and then our new sketchup Texture website will be online, with thousands of new stunning textures and many, many more new stuff! ^-^ 
See you soon !
A big hug Sketchup texture admins

Jun 12, 2015

sketchup texture news - works in progress !

Hello Guys ,
As you may have noticed, it is slowing down a little activity on the blog and on our Facebook page , because we are working hard to finish the section of the new website dedicated to the textures.

After three months, by working about 10 hours a day, I am only half the job. To upload them, you need to catalog them and index them and code them one by one, and it is an endless work because there are over 20,000 .

Many textures, have been redone with a higher resolution. So I think that, to accelerate the work, we'll have to load the material in in 2 different times, and In any case, we need at least 40 working days to complete the first part .
Then however we will have a very nice website and very practical to use.
I ask you to bring a little patience. Thanks for your time !
Rosanna Mataloni
Sketchup Texture admin

Dec 24, 2014

3D Challenge Arch-viz Modern Office Building international render contest

December 2014 – January 2015
3D Challenge Arch-viz Modern Office Building international render contest

We are delighted to announce the new 3D challenge Arch-Viz Modern Office Building  Render Contest for December 2014 – January 2015,  designed , modeled and rendered  by Quốc Hữu Trần, a young architect of Vietnam that already expresses a quality of the style really appreciable & that we thank very much for allowing us to use his wonderful 3d model.

It is with great joy that we announce the birth of  SKETCHUP TEXTURE CLUB inaugurating the new  section "3D CHALLENGE"  dedicated to the competitions. Obviously with the use, the site will be continually subject to improvement by pointing at finding the optimal solution.

Let us see what are the highlights:

  • Registration is free
  • Each competitor will have their own personal page
  • Each competitor can upload their works in a totally independent
  • By clicking on the thumbnails, the works will be quickly visible in high resolution
  • We have implemented a system that allows the sharing of each work on major social networks, and soon, there will be other interesting news !!!  ^-^

Thanks to the sponsor CG World Archviz Support, an Italian non-profit association for the support and development of the design and designers worldwide, we are now able to reward, with major awards,  those competitors that with commitment and sacrifice will prove to have achieved the best technical level. We invite you to download and read the rules of the challenge, to avoid being excluded from the competition.

To the page, INFO HELP, you will find the guide for how to use the site and the answers to frequently asked questions. Ready to go? click here 

Best of luck to all !!
Sketchup Texture Club Admins 

Sep 4, 2014


We are pleased to introduce the members of the technical jury that will select the winners of the current challenge " Modern minimalist eco house " 3d model by  Romain Demerville

The members of the jury, are already at work, and are monitoring all the works that day after day, the competitors are publishing in the official album. They will have a very difficult task, because all the works that are coming are of a very good level, and it will be really challenging to choose the 3 winners.
For the method of evaluation of the technical jury, I refer you to the challenge of the announcement Article
A big and sincere thank you to all our judges for having accepted this challenging task!

These are our 8  judges, in alphabetical order

Product Manager of: Artlantis | SketchUp in France
Maxwell Render for Artlantis | Render[in] | iVisit 3D

2) VRAY CHAOS GROUP TEAM -  Chaos Group  Sofia Bulgaria 

FERNANDO RENTAS  - 3D Artist & V-Ray Trainer at Chaos Group USA
RUSKO RUSKOV  Senior 3D artist V-Ray Guru at Chaos Group
VASSIL PEPELIANKOV 3D Artist at Chaos Group
YAVOR STOIKOV 3D Artist at Chaos Group

3) CIRO SANNINO  LEARN VRAY  V-Ray Official Istructor Italy,  author of the famous book 
"Photography and rendering with V-Ray"  which it is possible to see here
By clicking here, you can access to LEARN VRAY ON LINE

4) DAVOR PETRANOVIC Managing content at  SU Podium  plugin for Sketchup, from Sidney Australia 

5) JAMES HANNIGAN - Co-Owner,Online Editor & Social Media Manager of  London Honorary Member of the Center for Talent Development, International Architectural Society Membership, in recognition of exceptional contributions at the The Center for Talent Development, NorthWestern University, Evanston, Illinois

6) ROSANNA MATALONI - designer and  Business Development Manager by Bluline Arredi ,Sketchup Texture and 3D Challenge group admin  - Italy 

Apr 25, 2014

International architectural competition for student

Start competition April 17, 2014
End competition July 17, 2014

LEVERANO HORIZON TOWER is the latest international architectural competition for students organized by ARCHIstart , see together what this is :
The goal of LEVERANO HORIZON TOWER competition is to make the most of the landscape of Arneo by promoting the projecting of tower observatories located close to rural tracks and roads leading from Leverano to the sea, able to reinterpret in a modern way the tradition of the typical towers of Salento. 

Apr 6, 2014

international workshop of architecture in Italy by Archistart

Excellent Initiative promoted by archiSTART : an international workshop of architecture conceived as a leisure moment with the aim of generating participation experiences among students and young graduates under 30.

100 youngsters from all over the world will have
the chance to live 7 days full of architecture and entertainment in the wonderful coasts of Salento.
The innovative aspect of this initiative is the break with the classical linear learning processes, relying on some contemporaneous factors:

integration and cultural exchanges among students from all over the world in one professional context, with the opportunity to improve foreign language and get in touch with different lifestyles.

discovering Salento thanks to guided tours and leisure time on the sea

- first real project experiences with tutors and experts to trigger and develop the interest in architecture            

Salone del Mobile Milano 2014: free app catalogs of exhibitors

point out to all those who are planning to visit the Salone del Mobile in Milan, which will be held from 8
to 13 April, this year , on the occasion of the event, have been released on the App Store two dedicated app, English language.

those interested, therefore, can be downloaded free from the App Store 2 app:
1- Salone del Mobile in Milan 2014 which will consult a guide inherent in the event
2 - a guide Salone del Mobile Milan iCataloghi through which to view the catalogs of the companies exhibiting

Read more ....

Apr 5, 2014

Salone del Mobile, Milan Fairgrounds, Rho 8/13 April 2014

From 8 to 14 April 2014 to the Milan-Rho exhibition center will be the largest and most famous world exhibition of furniture and interior design, confirming the city as the design capital.
The "Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014"  will host up to 2,400 exhibitors, is flanked by other complementary fairs, various  "Fuorisalone" ( out-salon) ,  Design District, where over 1,000 exhibitors present their products and solutions with space and more and more creative and spectacular.
Read more  clik here 

Jan 1, 2014


 my best wishes for a new year of great peace and serenity
to you and your families
a big hug Rosanna 

Dec 18, 2013


.... IS COMING !
Hello to all! As you have noticed, I finally managed to get some sponsors for our blog and I also added the key "donate". This is because I need your help to create a website that allows you to optimize and share our material in a better way, working with the maximum safety and with greater speed.

I have in mind a big project and if I can carry it through it really will benefit everyone .... I thank in advance all those who will support us and help us to create our free texture web services and much more!

I really believe in this great project and I am sure that together we can achieve it because it is the union which is strength, and to date the results of this blog have confirmed him. I count on you: D

Nov 19, 2013


You may have noticed the new banner here on the left of the page .... was an idea that was hoping I could realize for a long time, and now finally here it is!

Today is born SKETCHUP TEXTURES TRENDS , design styles, colors and inspiration  for architecture and interior design. 

30 years of work in the field of fashion and design, lived with undiminished passion and with the same enthusiasm of my twenty years push me to go over to Share with anyone like me is in love with this wonderful work, also my experience. I apologize to all my future fans for my bad English ... but I think this is the only language that will allow me of communicating with every part of the world.

I hope that this new blog will be of help to get inspired and to explore the themes of the trends, materials and colors, and also to discover so many things from the past that I have carefully preserved. Of course, none of the material I have is digital, but I'll see how to better manage this issue to share with you! Thanks to all those who want to join us in this new adventure!

Meanwhile, I have posted the colors home interior design trends 2014, to learn more click here let me know if you like :D . Happy reading ^-^

Nov 17, 2013


The cultural association archiSTART, under the patronage of the Municipality of Melpignano (LE), announces the results of the international competition of ideas "Taranta Power Station" for students and recent graduates, with the theme design of a multifunctional building adapted to receive service areas for the event of the Notte della Taranta and teaching spaces and museums for the deseasonalisation of the festival.

ArchiSTART is a nonprofit association that is the brainchild of three young graduates and encourages experimentation, growth and visibility of young designers who express themselves through contests of ideas. Added to this is the creation of a platform to service the Public Administration for the identification and investigate topics of urban and architectural character not included in the territorial planning.

The first contest, in that we SketchUp Texture we gave our broader and convinced support, has had great resonance both locally and internationally, involving more than 500 young people from all over the world. At the final stage of the competition have arrived 92 processed  (65 from Italy 10 from the rest of Europe, 12 from America and 5 from Asia ) with original ideas and different approaches among themselves.

The jury of the competition "Taranta Power Station", composed by architects Alfredo Forest, Toti Semerano and Simona Serafino, by Councillor Youth Policy of the Municipality of Lecce Ing Alexander Delli Noci and Professor Giuseppe Schiavone, president of the observatory urban Teknè, has stated 

the winner PIQUADRO group of four young students of the Polytechnic of Bari (Maura Pinto, Sonia Paciolla, Francesca Pope, Piervito Pirulli)

Sep 16, 2013

V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp Released


The release of the new program v-ray for sketchup 2.0, it was announced a few hours ago by Chaos Group.
Over the past three months, Chaos group had released for testing purposes, in two different phases: first v-ray 1.6 beta tester, and soon after with v-ray 2.0 beta, encouraging users to continue testing and reporting bugs.

Aug 27, 2013

release of V-Ray 2.0 beta for SketchUp

Big news in the home Chaos Group communicated with this newsletter and addressed to all of  Beta Testers: in last 24 hours came the news official of third release candidate build Which is now available to download at this link, of course after registration
The invitation of Chaos Group is to to encourage you to continue testing and reporting bugs with the new V-Ray for SketchUp release candidate build. Send your bug reports to

VRay 2.0 beta _newsletter-cover
This is the cover of the newsletter, which was used for the test render
 with vray 1.6 beta of our friend Winston Ellosca

Aug 10, 2013

thanks to all friends of sketchup texture

Thank you for your's  participation in the survey on usability of sketchup texture blog! ! Your feedback is really helpful! Unfortunately, at present, being a blog by default, there are many limitations.
We hope in the future to organize a real website ... perhaps with the help of some sponsors :-)
From tonight, and then again in the coming days, we will begin a review of some parts of the blog with the aim to optimize the search of the content posted. We apologize if this were to create some temporary discomfort.
Thank you in advance for your understanding...  and continue to vote :-)
Sketchup Texture Admins

Aug 4, 2013


Hello to all!
In order to improve the usability of our blog, we kindly ask you to participate in our survey. Here , On our home page in the upper left you will find a list of questions,
We thank in advance all the friends of this page you want to help to improve :D
Any comments you can do so below this post

Jun 28, 2013


Is in progress a competitions organized in Italy for students and young architects of all nationalities, with important prizes, promoted by ARCHISTART