Jul 16, 2014


6#PHARMACY PROJECT, PLAN 3D,  Rosanna Mataloni Designer 
First of all I apologize for my English, as you know I do not speak this language and use simultaneous translation, trying to compose the sentences in an understandable way, but in this case I found many difficulties. I hope that the designs, they can, compensate my shortcomings, helping you to understand anyway the concepts. Thank you for your patience ^-^ 

In Italy, where I live and work, in recent years, pharmacies have undergone a major evolution, aesthetic and functional. This is due to the fact, that, unlike in the past, have significantly increased the products of wide consumption: cosmetics, diet products, products for the care and hygiene of the person, veterinary products, sanitary items, baby products, herbal medicine, and so on
The increase of these types of products, has meant that, also the furnishing and the areas devoted to the sale have undergone a revision of compared to the traditional layout, with particular attention on design and functionality.
In addition to all this, thanks to technological developments, today we can go to the pharmacy for Reservation specialist medical examinations, and for withdrawing the results of routine analysis.

The project that I present below, of which I share 3d model made ​​in sketchup 8, takes account what is described above. In the rar  file, however, you will find: 
- the 3d sketchup model in 3 different colors
- the layout in autocad 2d, saved in autocad 2007, with all the descriptions
- the plans in pdf format with descriptions in English and Italian
- the abacus of the furniture with the reference of the symbols used in the plan, in Excel format, in 
  Italian and English.

PASSWORD 6mataloni

ATTENTION : the password to extract the file, must be typed, do not copy and paste

The pharmacy is divided into two areas, respectively: 
Area "A" is open to the public, and the area "B" private area, laboratory and office
along the perimeter of the area "A", are placed the modular shelving , is a walls system with shop windows for exposure products. divided by type, Identified with silk screened written, complete with lighting and drawer units with key, as best you can see in the 3D model and in the attached descriptions ( A1 - A2 - A3 - A5 - A6) 
1- Technical compartment with has hole to insert Zumtobel recessed SLOTLIGTH

A4 - sales counter, complete with drawers, with separators, with key and shelves. Number  3 workstations integrated operating for 3 operators, three terminals and a printer (one of which is dedicated to the analysis reservation service) in addition to a cash position, as per attached plan;
sales counter
sales counter
A9 - Isle promotions and new products, as per attached plan, complete with display shelves, work bench, waiting area, and lighting
A7 -  sales counter complete with drawer units with key and shelves for cosmetics area, equipped for for the withdrawal of analysis, with n. 1 seat with operating cash as per attached plan , 
A8 - BOX TEST / AUTO-DIAGNOSTICS equipped with a chair for the patient, 2 refrigerators at a temperature in service; analysis of routin - work bench - cabinets - shelves - work chair and stool
A10 - A11 - A12 - A13-  Wall system with shop windows on two sides  for exposure products. divided by type, identified with silk screened written, complete with lighting and drawer units with key inner side, exposure Dietetic Products, Exhibitors baby products;  external side, showcases
A-10 - A11 showcases
A12 - A13 showcases

A14 - A15 - AREA MARSHALLING ORDERS - Workbench with shelves and drawer units

B1)  DRAWER UNITS FOR MEDICINES, with separators
 Drawer units for medicines model TX2 product by ICAS 

B4 - OFFICE EQUIPPED WITH  Pull-out bed with mattress, pillow, resealable; drawer units with keys for drugs and poisons (No. 2 drawer units available for  drugs and no. 1 for poisons), divided into three compartments with differential lock keys; 
Worktop, shelving with doors equipped with key; complete with drawers, 2 chairs and 2 workstations operating . Pass-medicines stainless steel 18/10 with pan for small medicines (recipes, money, etc ...) with tilting movement, the cylinder with manual rotation and predisposition audio door entry system with call button;
B3 - GALENIC LABORATORY laboratory bench comply with current regulations, with n. 1 worktop non porous material and washable, (CORIAN )  complete with sink drains and glassware, extractor hood and shelving, with doors with key lock and lower structure consists of elements removable trolley on wheels
B5 - WAREHOUSE  Modular metal shelving h. minimum m. 2.40 cm deep. 50.00 width, 
with uprights cold shelves in sheet grade metal with reinforcing rib in the module for 5 min, coated with thermosetting powder and baking at 180 ° C;
variant brown color
variant dark gray color
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