Nov 19, 2013


You may have noticed the new banner here on the left of the page .... was an idea that was hoping I could realize for a long time, and now finally here it is!

Today is born SKETCHUP TEXTURES TRENDS , design styles, colors and inspiration  for architecture and interior design. 

30 years of work in the field of fashion and design, lived with undiminished passion and with the same enthusiasm of my twenty years push me to go over to Share with anyone like me is in love with this wonderful work, also my experience. I apologize to all my future fans for my bad English ... but I think this is the only language that will allow me of communicating with every part of the world.

I hope that this new blog will be of help to get inspired and to explore the themes of the trends, materials and colors, and also to discover so many things from the past that I have carefully preserved. Of course, none of the material I have is digital, but I'll see how to better manage this issue to share with you! Thanks to all those who want to join us in this new adventure!

Meanwhile, I have posted the colors home interior design trends 2014, to learn more click here let me know if you like :D . Happy reading ^-^

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