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Nov 13, 2017

Free sketchup 3D model climbing Plants on wire mesh

SketchUp 3D model FREEBIES TODAY
Hello to all !
It's true, lately, we're posting fewer posts on our blog, the reason being that we're really busy mapping existing textures and creating new ones, and unfortunately, and hours of the day,, fly as fast as lightning.

To make us forgive, we share this fantastic SketchUp 3D model of climbing Plants on wire mesh, available in SketchUp 2013, complete with textures, as seen in the image below
We hope you enjoy it !
Download SketchUp 3D model of climbing Plants

free SketchUp 3D model climbing plants render test

Oct 22, 2014

Free sketchup 3d model tree #8

Really great  free 3d model, this tree,  available sketchup 8,  shared and modeled  by our friend Dadi Nazriel Supriadi   of which here we see the result in its gorgeous render made with vray for sketchup, A big thank you Dadi , for this excellent contribution!

Download HERE sketchup tree#8 ! rar File 24MB

PASSWORD 8supriadi

ATTENTION : the password to extract the file, must be typed, do not copy and paste
render vray for sketchup by   Dadi Nazriel Supriadi
free Sketchup tree 3d
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May 5, 2014

vray for sketchup, vismat glass, hdri, Visopt #29

This very useful contribution comes to us from our friend Eduardo Belonio (You can contact him by clicking on the its name) which he shared with us the exterior Visopt of this scene , the personal vismat glass material  vray for sketchup, the 3D model of the trees that you see on 'image, and HDRI used to render. We hope you enjoy this homage to Eduardo, is appreciated to all those who follow us :D
password  29#visopt
you can download the 3d model here

vray 1.6 rende by Eduardo Belonio - House design by Nguyễn Hà Duy
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Apr 9, 2014

Sketchup free 3d resources flowers collection #1

excellent contribution of our talented  Son Minh (from VietNam)
Flowers collecetion # 1,  includes 11  beautiful 3d models, available in sketchup 8, completely textured, molded in an excellent manner
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Sketchup free 3d resources Bonsai Collection #1

fantastic contribution of our talented Duc Nguyen (from VietNam)
Bosai collecetion #1 ,  includes 5 3d models, completely textured, available in sketchup 8, whose beauty is truly amazing.
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Free Sketchup 3d trees package#7

we add to our resources of 3d trees, this collection of 10 trees of medium size, available in sketchup 8. The files have very few polygons and this allows you not to overburden the final work.

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Mar 19, 2014


Given the great success of this subject, we decided to add additional elements 7 lines of trees in the two formats

1) saved as. in Png ( High resolutionso they already have a very nice alpha channel.  These are very useful for anyone that needs a nice background / midground

2) the same subjects in sketchup file "trees curved lines ",  ready to use for the background of your rendering. Check them:-)  I suggest you also see this excellent tutorial by Csaba Pozsárkó
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Feb 1, 2014


awesome free 3d model tree available sketchup 8 shared and modeled  by our friend Dadi Nazriel Supriadi   of which here we see the result in its gorgeous render made with vray, A big thank you for this excellent contribution!

Jan 5, 2014


Thank you very much Ngotrung Ngo  for the sharing of this group of trees modeled in 3d  with the inclusion of two elements in 2d of which we see here the render made with vray 2.0, which demonstrates the excellent final result.

Dec 23, 2013


the Christmas gift 2013, comes from Malolos which is a beautiful town of Philippines a few kilometers from Manila. To send it you our friend William Marcos Pangilinan ...and I guarantee you that this really is a huge gift! In the sharing of this villa 3d model , made with sketchup 2013, and ready to be rendered with vray 1.6, Marcos added
- The individual textures with bump and displacement
- The material Vray VISMAT used
- The material HDRI + SUN, dome light setting and sketchup shadow settimg
- The material vray PROXY
- The scene of VISOPT
- 2 different folders containing the 3d models of plants, flowers and vegetation
A big thank you to our friend for this excellent sharing and congratulations for the wonderful render that has made ! 
VISMAT, HDRI, VISOPT scene, textures,  vray proxy 

in thanking all those who are following we take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas 2013 ... and we ask you not to forget to click on the Donate button in order to plead our project to be able to better structure this site and sharing service. Even one euro is an important gesture :D 
a big hug to all,  Rosanna. 

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Dec 18, 2013


our friend Hải Trieu, student of Architecture in Vietnam, sent us this beautiful  3D scene who has modeled in sketchup 8, and rendered with Vray and that represents a big garden with relaxing areas and restaurant area, in the style typical of that Country,  that we are happy to share with you !
3d sketchup model big garden, details of the project
3d sketchup model  big garden planimetry 

Creative Commons License
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Dec 6, 2013


the file in sketchup weighs 289 MB - rar 135 MB
We wait with the arrival of Christmas with this mini challenge Christmas 2013 which will have to use this amazing 3d scene , modeled in sketchup 8, and shared with us by our friend , Nguyen Khanh Vu, from Vietnam, that perfectly represents the Christmas atmosphere!

Nov 13, 2013


The 3d models of trees are never enough. Just while we are setting our garden, and we open our warehouse components 3d trees, we realize that we are missing just what particular tree to make to the best our 3D scene. Is not it? Here is a little help with this collection consists of 45 models of various types of trees 3d, full maps for rendering that hopefully it will be to your liking.

If so, please let us know by leaving a little comment. Your comments are very important for us because they are the thermometer of your interest and help us to improve the benefit of all.
Good luck to you all !
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Nov 7, 2013


Vray Proxy grass
Being able to make a nice lawn realistic is one of the first difficulties we encounter when we begin
to make our first render.

Basically, with any rendering engine we are working on, not only you need to choose the excellent textures (sometimes I see lawns that look just the floors) but you also have to choose the suitable texture to the scene.

For those who still do not know, in our section "Grass texture" there is a wide range of seamless images. This model, vray proxy grass  made by Phunguyen Vfs, it is certainly an excellent support with which you can get the test result you see in the render below, performed with vray by our young architect Bharath Musunuri. A big thanks to both our friends for this great contribution !

modeled by  Phunguyen Vfs - render test by Bharath Musunari