Jun 12, 2015

sketchup texture news - works in progress !

Hello Guys ,
As you may have noticed, it is slowing down a little activity on the blog and on our Facebook page , because we are working hard to finish the section of the new website dedicated to the textures.

After three months, by working about 10 hours a day, I am only half the job. To upload them, you need to catalog them and index them and code them one by one, and it is an endless work because there are over 20,000 .

Many textures, have been redone with a higher resolution. So I think that, to accelerate the work, we'll have to load the material in in 2 different times, and In any case, we need at least 40 working days to complete the first part .
Then however we will have a very nice website and very practical to use.
I ask you to bring a little patience. Thanks for your time !
Rosanna Mataloni
Sketchup Texture admin

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