Jun 28, 2013


Is in progress a competitions organized in Italy for students and young architects of all nationalities, with important prizes, promoted by ARCHISTART

The subject is Notte della Taranta
Notte della Taranta  is the most important music festival dedicated to the revival of the pizzica tradition and its fusion with other music languages going from world music to rock, from jazz to symphony. Every summer since 1998, the last week of August a big concert with more than 100.000 people takes place in Salento.

Pizzica is the music which accompanied the ritual of recovery from the imaginary bite of tarantula, which was the dangerous spider. According to the tradition, in order to free the victim, generally a woman, tambourine were played ceaselessly until the victim was free from the enchantment.
The obsession of rhythm of music and dance is still alive and some of the best musicians from Salento are interpreters of this. They play the tradition instruments in the Notte della Taranta concert and meet the most prestigious names of international music, directed by famous orchestra directors.

"Notte della Taranta is a way to keep alive the memory of the past and link it to what present  offers” L.Einaudi​

The Notte della Taranta Orchestra was created in 2004 and it is composed of all the instrumental sections of an orchestra. The success of this event, with competitions, events, and accessory activities, has generated a touristic flow and an international mobility of young users. 

The TARANTA POWER STATION COMPETITION  identifies an area next to the place of the event in Melpignano town in the territory of Grecia Salentina,  and proposes the project of a multifunctional building with the double aim of hosting service spaces for the event and didactic and exhibition spaces to keep the event alive also in the other seasons.

“Taranta Power Station” will be a cultural centre where tourism and popular culture will join to make the pizzica tradition alive and transform it.
The competition aims at figuring out a multifunctional place where tourists and people from the  local territory can live an empirical experience, through laboratories, courses and representations.These conditions can change if the idea of the projects requires it.
 • Hall  (200 mq)
• Taranta Cafè (150 mq)
• Meeting area  (max 150 mq)  - space equipped with tablets, touch screen, wi-fi area
• Newspaper and periodical library (150 sq m) - space for consultation of books, ​
 magazines about Salento, pizzica tradition and popular music
• Laboratori es(3x200mq)   
 - Laboratory of Popular Music
 -Laboratory of Popular Song
 -Laboratory of Pizzica and Popular Dance

• Exhibition area (free size) - space for videos, pictures, instruments and everything presenting to the tourists the history of the event and past editions.

• Experimental theatre – spaces dedicated to pizzica dance and the Popular Orchestra of Notte della Taranta. ​ A maximum of 300 seats is foreseen. The space for the event can have every type of shape and it must give a ​perfect view of  performances.
The size indicated in this program can vary according to the idea of the project 

The project must be presented with one table in DIN-A1 format. This must report the registration code of the team received from the team leader by e-mail.
In case the name of the team or its members, or any explicit reference appear, allowing to associate the project to the team, the proposal will be disqualified.
4 simple steps to enter the contest
 To download the notice of competition and to learn more click HERE

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