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Feb 17, 2015

Winners 3D challenge archviz modern office building contest

It is with great joy that we announce the three winners of this wonderful challenge, to which we make our congratulations! 
A big thanks to you all for the numerous participation, and a special thank you, to the jury that he had to face the difficult task of selection, because the worthy works, were really many. 

Technical Jury
Ciro Sannino    LEARN VRAY - Italy   5SRW instructor
Ruscko Ruskov  - Bulgaria  - 3D artist and V-Ray guru at Chaos Group.
Davor Petranovic - Australia - Managing content at  SU Podium plugin for Sketchup
James Hannigan JAMES HANNIGAN - London - Co-Owner,Online Editor & Social Media Manager of 
Rosanna Mataloni - Italy - designer and Business Development Manager 
by Sketchup Texture Club 
Quoc Huu Tran  - Vietnam  is Author of the project and 3d model - is a young architect from Vietnam

Winners 3D challenge archviz modern office building contes

At unquestionable decision of the sponsors, CG. World Archviz Support, here the 2 works who will receive a prize of 150 US dollars

special mention artworks 3d challenge Modern office building
See you at next challenge! 

Feb 7, 2015

warning by 3D Challenge Arch-viz Modern Office Building render contest

warning by 3D Challenge Arch-viz Modern Office Building render contest
There are problems with Facebook: it seems that someone has reported the site as Spam. We sent an email to Facebook, because there is no way to contact them directly, but I do not think that the problem can be solved immediately.

SKETCHUP TEXTURE CLUB , website  is secure,but envy makes you do things really miserable !
By clicking on links,  or on images of the works shared on Facebook,  you can anyway get to the site and vote by clicking (in window that appears) , on the "follow the link"
If everybody does it, it might help. Meantime We prolong the vote of 48th .
For vote, you can also access by Google + , and from internet, in this case,  there are no problems.

these are all new dates

  • Start date, of the popular vote: Sunday, February 1, 2015
  • deadline of the popular vote:  Sunday February 8, at midnight Italian time
  • Announcement of results of TOP 30 best entries, Tuesday, February 10,
  • start date, of voting of the technical jury , Wednesday, February 11
  • deadline of the voting of the technical jury, Monday, February 16,
  • Announcement of results of winners, Tuesday, February 17

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but unfortunately it does not depend on our will. Thanks to all those who follow us by Sketchup Texture Admin 

Feb 1, 2015

Arch-viz Modern Office Building render contest: vote your favorite!

3d challenge modern office bouilding  render contest voting

The  Arch-viz Modern Office Building , International Render Contest, sponsored by Sketchup Texture  is ended tonight. Have participated  65 Countries  with 598 Artworks accepted. Many excellent artworks, and enthusiasm from everyone. absolutely a great challenge!  Congratulations and thanks to all the competitors for participation ! and good luck to all !

From today , until February 6 (midnight Italian time), starts  the popular vote (most like ) The vote is on line,  and NOT REQUIRED REGISTRATION.
You support the competitors by clicking here to vote for your favorite finalist artworks
The 15 art works selected by popular vote, added to the 15 art works  selected by admins and sponsor, will constitute the list of TOP 30 best entries.
The Technical jury will select the winners in the list of TOP 30

Dec 24, 2014

3D Challenge Arch-viz Modern Office Building international render contest

December 2014 – January 2015
3D Challenge Arch-viz Modern Office Building international render contest

We are delighted to announce the new 3D challenge Arch-Viz Modern Office Building  Render Contest for December 2014 – January 2015,  designed , modeled and rendered  by Quốc Hữu Trần, a young architect of Vietnam that already expresses a quality of the style really appreciable & that we thank very much for allowing us to use his wonderful 3d model.

It is with great joy that we announce the birth of  SKETCHUP TEXTURE CLUB inaugurating the new  section "3D CHALLENGE"  dedicated to the competitions. Obviously with the use, the site will be continually subject to improvement by pointing at finding the optimal solution.

Let us see what are the highlights:

  • Registration is free
  • Each competitor will have their own personal page
  • Each competitor can upload their works in a totally independent
  • By clicking on the thumbnails, the works will be quickly visible in high resolution
  • We have implemented a system that allows the sharing of each work on major social networks, and soon, there will be other interesting news !!!  ^-^

Thanks to the sponsor CG World Archviz Support, an Italian non-profit association for the support and development of the design and designers worldwide, we are now able to reward, with major awards,  those competitors that with commitment and sacrifice will prove to have achieved the best technical level. We invite you to download and read the rules of the challenge, to avoid being excluded from the competition.

To the page, INFO HELP, you will find the guide for how to use the site and the answers to frequently asked questions. Ready to go? click here 

Best of luck to all !!
Sketchup Texture Club Admins 

Sep 30, 2014

3D Challenge august 2014 Modern Minimalist eco House the Winners

A big thank you for the technical support, to Ciro Sannino - Learn V-Ray. to Davor Petranovic Su Podium,  to James Hannigan  Sketchup - to Stephane Desmulie  Artlantis - to Fernando Rentas, Rusko Ruskov, Vassil Pepeliankov, Yavor Stoikov, Maya Petrova, to Vray Chaos Group. To all competitors, our sincere compliments and thanks for this excellent challenge! 
3D challenge Admin and Sketchup Texture 

FIRST PLACE - Donee Ramadhan from indonesia 
sketchup - # 3ds max 2013 - Vray - Photoshop
congratulations Donee !

SECOND PLACE Maicon Shimene from Brazil
Vray for Sketchup - Photoshop
congratulations Maicon !

THIRD PLACE Ali İhsan Değirmenci from Turkey
Vray for Sketchup Photoshop
congratulations Alì !

you can not upload this job on your website or on your blog

Sep 24, 2014

August 2014 3d challenge - modern minimalist eco house - top 30 finalists

Considering the high number of excellent works, the jury and the admins of 3d challenge group, have decided to select instead of 10 works , 20 works to add to the selection of the popular vote.

The top list is therefore formed by 30 Artwork ( ie the 5.25% of the works in the race.)
out below, the 30 finalists between which the technical jury will select 3 winners

Copyright - ©  Alf Prisco - Australia
Sketchup | Maxwell Render |PS
select by admins - HD click here 

Sep 18, 2014

3D Challenge Modern minimalist eco house: Vote the 10 finalists

The 3d challenge,  "Modern minimalist eco house"  came to an end, and tonight begins the popular vote, to select the 10 finalist works

The participation was amazing ! Are represented 52 countries, with about 600 render, many different rendering engines; an international panorama as never seen before. A treasure chest of wonders unique in its kind to the excellence of many of the works submitted

Now it's up to you all,  sustain the competitors with your vote to select the 10 finalists.
You have 3 days time ; 18 -19 - 20 September 

The 10 artworks  selected by popular vote, added to the 10 artworks selected by admins, will constitute the list of TOP 20 best entries.
The Technical jury will select 3 winners in the list of top 20 best entries: first, second and third place.


Aug 13, 2014



We are delighted to announce the 3D challenge for August 2014,  with a huge thanks to  Romain Demerville for allowing us to use his wonderful 3d model. 
Minimalist Modern Eco House,  is a project that perfectly interprets the architectural trends of recent years: concrete, stone, wood, large glass window  "plein air"  effect, simple geometric shapes, but very well balanced that return a stylish image worthy of a great designer.
Here are some views of the 3D model, extracted from sketchup, in jpg format
panoramic view 

Apr 25, 2014

International architectural competition for student

Start competition April 17, 2014
End competition July 17, 2014

LEVERANO HORIZON TOWER is the latest international architectural competition for students organized by ARCHIstart , see together what this is :
The goal of LEVERANO HORIZON TOWER competition is to make the most of the landscape of Arneo by promoting the projecting of tower observatories located close to rural tracks and roads leading from Leverano to the sea, able to reinterpret in a modern way the tradition of the typical towers of Salento. 

Mar 24, 2014

3D CHALLENGE Canaan Residence, vote your favorite

It was concluded the  3D CHALLENGE Canaan Residence by Specht Harpman architects
Following the requests made ​​by members of the group " 3d challenge " who,  that the purposes of assessing, demanded division of renders made ​​with 3d max / V-Ray-3dmax, from the renders made ​​with other rendering engines. The following changes have been made compared to the original rules ,

Feb 21, 2014


announcement 3d challenge in February 2014
The New Canaan Residence by Specht Harpman architects 
design team: Scott Specht, louise Harpman, Amy Lpèez-Cepero
landscape Architect : Alec Gunn, Heather Morgan
Photographer: Elizabeth Felicella

Jan 5, 2014


have been completed today the evaluations of the technical jury for the election of the offcial winner of the challenge ufficile 3d Christams challenge 2013.
The winner is Đức Nguyễn from Vietnam with 637 points out of 700, who shared with us his gorgeous 3d model  downloadable at the link shown below. Many congratulation Đức Nguyễn for your best work!

For an assessment with equal opportunities the seven members of the jury are 7 different nationalities: England, Italy, Brazil, USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Switzerland.

We thank all the judges for the time we have spent with great professionalism and commitment, for the evaluation of many beautiful work and thanks to all the participants for sharing with us their talent and their creativity
artwork  by Đức Nguyễn , winner Christmas 3d cahellenge 2013

below the total scores of each participant

Dec 29, 2013


these are the 16 works selected by popular vote and the admins.
As provided for in Regulation, the 10 art works selected by popular vote, added to the works selected by admins , constitutes this TOP list of 16 best entries .

Some works chosen by the admins coincide with the choices of the popular vote - For this reason, the finalists are 16 and not 20 Among them will be elected 1 winner selected by the jury.

PLEASE vote here the WINNER of the popular vote ! You can vote until midnight on 1 January
Italian time - the works are published in alphabetical order

artwork Copyright by Carl-Schüller
 selected by popular vote and the admins

Dec 10, 2013


ended yesterday evening, the long and busy jury selection to crown the winner of the challenge, "Palladium Style" The offcial winner selected by technical jury is  DB Renders that those who follow this blog already know for some of his tutorials

Copyright art work by DB renders - vray for sketchup -

Dec 8, 2013


We present the list of the top 25 finalist 3d works of the challenge "Palladium style" selected by the admins and by popular vote,  that has elected as winner Patrick Llenares.

The challenge has had a huge international success. They are received 242 render, all of excellent quality, made ​​with different rendering engines, and for the admin group "3D Challenge" has been particularly difficult to choose the 15 art works, to add to the selection of the popular vote,  for the to complete list of finalists to be submitted to the evaluation of the technical jury.

In the next 48 hours, according to the following evaluation method
Realism 30 pts / 20 pts Composition / Ligthing and texturing 30 pts / 20 pts overal impact.
Will be announced the official winner of the challenge
A big good luck to all challengers!

Here are the 25 finalists in alphabetical order. We invite you to encourage them expressing your consent by clicking here with a "LIKE"
Anatoly Reza Pahlevy Copyright

Dec 6, 2013


the file in sketchup weighs 289 MB - rar 135 MB
We wait with the arrival of Christmas with this mini challenge Christmas 2013 which will have to use this amazing 3d scene , modeled in sketchup 8, and shared with us by our friend , Nguyen Khanh Vu, from Vietnam, that perfectly represents the Christmas atmosphere!

Oct 17, 2013



Here is the new exciting challenge that faces this time an architectural theme of the Italian Renaissance. 
The model we propose is not a reproduction in 3d of a real project, but imitates the style : is a tribute to the great architect Andrea Palladio.

Anyone who wishes to participate in the challenge can do so by enrolling in the group 3D CHALLENGE , created by Nomer Adona to SketchUp Vray Resources and Rosanna Mataloni to SketchUp Texture, specifically for this purpose

Our challenges are also intended to deepen our architectural knowledge so here's a brief history with some links for further information of this great Master

Sep 14, 2013


came to an end last night the 
3D challenges of August LE CORBUSIER CASA CURUTCHET 
organized by our group "3d challenge"  dedicated to the challenges of rendering, 
which sees two winners :

1) Vero Fernando, the winner selected by the technical jury
2) Noe R. Martnez, the winner of the popular vote

artwork by Vero Fernando Copyright © 

Sep 8, 2013

3D CHALLENGE Le Corbusier Casa Curutchet

Here are the 21 finalists of the challenge to render in August 2013  Le Corbusier Casa Curutchet: 11 artwork chosen by popular vote and 10 artworks selected by the jury
The artwork that will get Most  "Likes"  will win the Challenge of the popular vote.
Voting will end on 11th september 2013 at 11:59pM  (italian time)

here is the artwork in the competition

Jhe Sibayan 
1_Casa Curutchet render challenge august 2013 Jhe-Sibayan
Copyright ©

Aug 4, 2013

Le Corbusier Casa Curutchet 3D_Challenge

Nomer Adona of Sketchupvaryresources and Rosanna Mataloni of Sketchp Texture
together they created the group 3Dchallenge dedicated solely to the challenges of rendering that we are going to propose during the yearWe would like to invite everyone for this another exciting Challenge:

Le Corbusier Casa Curutchet 3D Challenge  august 2013
3D_ challenge_august_2013_Casa Curutchet by Le Corbusier

here's some image extracted from the 3D model that you will have use