Aug 30, 2014

vray for sketchup 2.0 exterior hdri and Visopt #32

This new  contribution is courtesy to Mohammed AL Aross  young student of architecture in Yemen  (You can contact him by clicking on the its name) which he shared with us the exterior Visopt of this scene , and the HDRI  image used to render.
We hope you enjoy this homage is appreciated to all those who follow us :D

download HERE Hdri and Visopt 32 - rar file 38 MG 

Passsword  32visopt 

32# visopt by Mohammed AL Aross
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Aug 13, 2014



We are delighted to announce the 3D challenge for August 2014,  with a huge thanks to  Romain Demerville for allowing us to use his wonderful 3d model. 
Minimalist Modern Eco House,  is a project that perfectly interprets the architectural trends of recent years: concrete, stone, wood, large glass window  "plein air"  effect, simple geometric shapes, but very well balanced that return a stylish image worthy of a great designer.
Here are some views of the 3D model, extracted from sketchup, in jpg format
panoramic view 

Aug 4, 2014

Free Sketchup 3d model modern Bar & Restaurant #7

This excellent work of Jasen Kirilov, is not just sharing a 3d model. This is a personal project to test the  skills and different post production on photoshop. Here has been used Sketchup and Vray for the rendering and Photoshop CS5 for the post production. Was added the HDRI map and the settings used ,  available in the file attached .

Also you will find in the attached file the different channels from sketchup vray that Jasen he used in photoshop to further improve the final result.  Furthermore has exported  an image directly from sketchup with the hidden lines to use in photoshop in order to make the final render a bit more cartoony.

In the attached file , you will find also all photoshop files to further understand all the workflow.
If you wish to contact Jasen you can do so by clicking HERE 
Many thanks to Yasen, for sharing this 3d model and for all the valuable material you sent us!

Download HERE sketchup 3d model Bar& Restaurant#7- rar file 116MB


ATTENTION : the password to extract the file, must be typed, do not copy and paste

Bar & Restaurant #7 Jasen Kirilov design 

Aug 3, 2014

Free sketchup 3d models curtains collection #6

Amazing collection of 3d curtains , available in sketchup 2013, shared 
Thank you very much for this valuable contribution ! I think we all appreciate it!

Download here 3d curtains #6 - rar file 15MB

PASSWORD 6curtains

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without permission of the author 3D architecture