Sep 30, 2014

3D Challenge august 2014 Modern Minimalist eco House the Winners

A big thank you for the technical support, to Ciro Sannino - Learn V-Ray. to Davor Petranovic Su Podium,  to James Hannigan  Sketchup - to Stephane Desmulie  Artlantis - to Fernando Rentas, Rusko Ruskov, Vassil Pepeliankov, Yavor Stoikov, Maya Petrova, to Vray Chaos Group. To all competitors, our sincere compliments and thanks for this excellent challenge! 
3D challenge Admin and Sketchup Texture 

FIRST PLACE - Donee Ramadhan from indonesia 
sketchup - # 3ds max 2013 - Vray - Photoshop
congratulations Donee !

SECOND PLACE Maicon Shimene from Brazil
Vray for Sketchup - Photoshop
congratulations Maicon !

THIRD PLACE Ali İhsan Değirmenci from Turkey
Vray for Sketchup Photoshop
congratulations Alì !

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Sep 24, 2014

Free vray for sketchup 1.6 exterior hdri and Visopt #33

VISOPT #33 modern villa whit pool
This new  contribution is courtesy to Mohammed Yossef  young student of architecture in Alexandria of Egypt  (You can contact him by clicking on the its name) which he shared with us the exterior Visopt of this scene , all vray vismat material, and the HDRI image used to render.
We hope you enjoy this homage is appreciated to all those who follow us :D

download HERE Hdri and Visopt #33 - rar file 25 MG 

render by  Mohammed Yossef
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August 2014 3d challenge - modern minimalist eco house - top 30 finalists

Considering the high number of excellent works, the jury and the admins of 3d challenge group, have decided to select instead of 10 works , 20 works to add to the selection of the popular vote.

The top list is therefore formed by 30 Artwork ( ie the 5.25% of the works in the race.)
out below, the 30 finalists between which the technical jury will select 3 winners

Copyright - ©  Alf Prisco - Australia
Sketchup | Maxwell Render |PS
select by admins - HD click here 

Sep 18, 2014

3D Challenge Modern minimalist eco house: Vote the 10 finalists

The 3d challenge,  "Modern minimalist eco house"  came to an end, and tonight begins the popular vote, to select the 10 finalist works

The participation was amazing ! Are represented 52 countries, with about 600 render, many different rendering engines; an international panorama as never seen before. A treasure chest of wonders unique in its kind to the excellence of many of the works submitted

Now it's up to you all,  sustain the competitors with your vote to select the 10 finalists.
You have 3 days time ; 18 -19 - 20 September 

The 10 artworks  selected by popular vote, added to the 10 artworks selected by admins, will constitute the list of TOP 20 best entries.
The Technical jury will select 3 winners in the list of top 20 best entries: first, second and third place.