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Jan 9, 2017

Awesome "CRAZY HOME " by Momenti, new design concept

We are always looking for new and specials "design concepts " , able to attract our attention, and present them to you to tickle your creativity to experiment with new features and new looks, new settings and new emotions.

Today we were fascinated by this fantastic Italian company : MOMENTI, is a company created by the brothers Alexandro and Matteo Bagnai, defined the tailors of Italian design 

at this link, we propose a selection of  22 interesting images textures, of concrete wall, concrete tiles,  wallpapers and fabrics, taken from the Momenti collection, we invite you to experiment with in your new 3D designs. The images are not all seamless, because the feature of this design is the patchwork effect, random, surprising and reflects the motto of Bagnai Brothers, founders of 'company:

" They will tell you that you are crazy, but we like to remember that sometimes
we must have the courage to believe in what others do not see"

Click here to see our editorial CRAZY HOUSE by MOMENTI

NOTE: to download the textures pack , 
you will be redirected on our new website, where you need to register

CRAZY HOME by MOMENTI textures pack

CRAZY HOME furniture by Momenti to Bagnai Matteo
CRAZY HOME by Momenti to Bagnai Matteo
CRAZY HOME by Momenti to Bagnai Matteo inspiration to designer

Nov 17, 2013


The cultural association archiSTART, under the patronage of the Municipality of Melpignano (LE), announces the results of the international competition of ideas "Taranta Power Station" for students and recent graduates, with the theme design of a multifunctional building adapted to receive service areas for the event of the Notte della Taranta and teaching spaces and museums for the deseasonalisation of the festival.

ArchiSTART is a nonprofit association that is the brainchild of three young graduates and encourages experimentation, growth and visibility of young designers who express themselves through contests of ideas. Added to this is the creation of a platform to service the Public Administration for the identification and investigate topics of urban and architectural character not included in the territorial planning.

The first contest, in that we SketchUp Texture we gave our broader and convinced support, has had great resonance both locally and internationally, involving more than 500 young people from all over the world. At the final stage of the competition have arrived 92 processed  (65 from Italy 10 from the rest of Europe, 12 from America and 5 from Asia ) with original ideas and different approaches among themselves.

The jury of the competition "Taranta Power Station", composed by architects Alfredo Forest, Toti Semerano and Simona Serafino, by Councillor Youth Policy of the Municipality of Lecce Ing Alexander Delli Noci and Professor Giuseppe Schiavone, president of the observatory urban Teknè, has stated 

the winner PIQUADRO group of four young students of the Polytechnic of Bari (Maura Pinto, Sonia Paciolla, Francesca Pope, Piervito Pirulli)

Aug 8, 2013


Today we are featuring this excellent  3d sketchup model of modern kitchen by Edvinas Skiestenis that you have already got to know when it he shared with us the 3d model of curtains that many of you have appreciated.
We know better our friend
Edvinas Skiestenis  
lives in Vilnius, Lithuania and attended the Third course of architecture studies in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and he works as a Freelance Interior and 3D Designer.
he model that Edvinas shared with us is complete with all the textures, proxies, and all vray beta 1.6 setting, ready to proceed to the rendering.

We asked Edvinas, to introduce the  the project that he shared with us and we transcribe your words: the project  It was created for a client which needed realistic and clean render. Usually for high quality pictures I use 3d max+vray, but after vray for sketchup 1.6 beta was released. I tried it with sketchup And it was very good. You can see the result. Of course there are some mistakes, like curtains and it's material, but overal view is nice.  Hope this skp+vray file and psd will help you to learn.  
Feel free to ask me for advice Those who wish to to contact Edvinas can do so by clicking HERE 
or by using the email address shown on the cover
Thanks a lot Edvinas for your useful contribution :D

vray for sketchup 1.6 beta, sketchup model modern kitchen

Aug 3, 2013


Today I present to you a new friend, Dadi Nazriel Supriadi ,who wanted to share with us this excellent model made with sketchup 2013 nd rendered with V-Ray for sketchup.
The modern kitchen that we publish is a personal project, shared exclusively with Sketchup Texture.
The model is full of texture and Visopt, this will allow you to make practice with greater ease.
A big thanks Dadi :-)
Dadi Nazriel Supriadi lives and works in Tasikmalaya, in that wonderful place that is
Indonesia  who want to contact him click HERE
... and now let's enjoy this fantastic model !

Aug 1, 2013

sketchup model vray 1.6 - living room #5

sketchup model living room #5
excellent this 3d scene of living room made with vray 1.6 beta  from our friend Arch.Nguyen Khanh Vu from VietNam, and shared with us ready to be rendered, complete with TEXTURE,VISOPT, and HDRI

I would note that also here, have been used our texture and I must say that the yield is really splendid.
Nguyen Khanh Vu living in Ho Chi Minh City where he worked at Anpha Group

He graduated in architecture at the University of ĐHDL Văn Lang
Thank you very much Nguyen Khanh Vu  for this tribute ^-^

sketchup_model_living_room  #5_cover

Jul 30, 2013


sketchup model villa esterior #4

With this excellent model of neoclassical villa, generously shared by our friend architect
Pham Minh Tuan  from the VietNam
I am convinced that many will have here the opportunity to deepen both as resolve with scketchup
some aspects of 3d modeling, that explore the use of V-Ray to make practice with this rendering engine because the model is full of texture and all set-up parameters. from vray 1.49

I would like draw your attention to on a topic that I consider it important In the various groups of facebook that I attend, I noticed that many students use these models for practice and then post their render to ask for advice and confront with the more experienced guys.

This causes us really very happy because it means that we are doing something useful.
But I would like to point out that when using the model of an other person it is good practice. and also good education and respect and give credit to the artist who shared with us. :-)
In this regard I take this opportunity to remind that all models published on this blog to protecting the intellectual property of authors,  are shared under license Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

Thanks so much !  we hope to have you here soon :-)
those who wish to contact Pham Minh Tuan
can visit his website by clicking HERE, really beautiful !!


Jul 20, 2013


sketchup models
it widens the number of friends architects who generously share with us 3d models and scenes which are a great help for those who are learning modeling and rendering techniques but equally useful to enrich our collection of new components 3d to be included in our layout

The scene which we publish today, is a work of our architect friend Lloyd T Dichoson who lives and works in Makati in the Philippines to which we are very grateful for sharing this excellent model of modern kitchen rich in details and the details that make the scene very realistic.

The model is complete with textures and ready to be rendered with V-Ray 1.49 for sketchup pro
I emphasize that it is especially the attention to detail that creates a great render, 
and here there really is a lot of material to learn

Those  who wish to contact Lloyd T Dichoson 
can do so by clicking HERE

sketchup model vray 1.49 setting kitchen area

Jul 7, 2013


sketchup models bedroom#2
 is a very great scene modeled in 3d  complete with textures and v-ray render settings  rich in many complements of furniture,  shared with us by our now famous Sơn Minh  whom we thank warmly :D
free sketchup model bedroom and bathroom#2a

Jun 29, 2013


sketchup model villa exterior #2
Beautiful 3d scene ready to be rendered with V-Ray for sketchup. This wonderful gift comes from our young architecture student LUCAS SOARES that thankifull for this share
Lucas lives and studies in Rio de Janeiro,

 if you contact him click HERE

sketchup model villa exterior#2-cover

Jun 17, 2013


sketchup models luxury room
Nguyễn Đức shared with us this superb 3d model, full of fantastic accessories, fully textured and ready to be rendered when you open this file will not believe your eyes ! a big thank you to our architect for this valuable contribution

architect Nguyễn Đức

Nguyễn Đức lives in Hanoi, Vietnam
He graduated from Hanoi University of Civil Engineering
You can contact him by clicking HERE 

here are some views of the model
free sketchup model - vray setting - luxury room - cover

Jun 14, 2013


sketchup models villa exterior#1
First of all we want to thank warmly Roquemar Beltran for having kindly shared with us this 3d model complete with tetxure, including HDRI files, jpg grass and ready to be rendered with V-Ray for sketchup. This is definitely better than a tutorial, On opening the file you can verify the settings of the various materials directly and learn many useful things.

Roquemar Beltran lives in Quezon and studied at the Technological Institute of the Philippines, is the winner chosen by the technical jury, the challenge that has just ended "Tadao Ando's Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts"
If you wish to contact Rochemar for some more advice,  
Click HERE

Gorki House was designed by Atrium architects  and is integrated in a beautiful natural environment atop of a hill west of Moscow. The architects were commissioned to design a contemporary residence for a young couple and their kid, while maintaining a good relationship with the surrounding pine forest landscape.

The building features generous windows and a large number of terraces which make it connect well with the outdoors. Its shape is highly original, consisting of a clever and appealing game of volumes which seem to gradually unfold.

Architects: Atrium
Location: ,
Project team: Anton Nadtochiy, Vera Butko, Ekaterina Golovanova
Collaborators: “ALuTerra”, “Alexander Ney”
Project area: 731 sqm
Project year: 2004 – 2011

HERE you can deepen and study the architectural features of this interesting modern project and view several photographs, floor plans and sections

sketchup model gorki_house vray 1.6 beta and visopt
It is forbidden to upload our material available for download on any website or blogs or social networks. Any violation will be legally prosecuted

Jun 5, 2013


sketchup models hall reception 
architect Ahmed Khadaryy

Ahmed Khadaryy
nationality: EGYPT
Alexandria University Il CAIRO 
contact HERE 
Ahmed Khadaryy
he shared ON EXCLUSIVE with us this rare 3d model in sketchup format : reception hall complete with textures and contains all the parameters for rendering with Vray 1.6
the file is 161 MB was render with vray 1.6 without having any problems. No proxy is used for render

free sketchup model vray setting reception hall

May 27, 2013


ĐKhôi Lbr (Hoàng Đăng Khôi) 
hometown Tung Nghia, Lam Dong, Vietnam
young architecture student
Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture 
contact HERE 

ĐKhôi Lbr ON EXCLUSIVE  shared with us this rare 3d model sketchup format
pedicure chair, very useful for those who must design beauty centers


with the opening of a new section of the blog titled
with the aim of making known to the international public the creative abilities of the fans of our facebook page , students or recent graduates in architecture or design.
In order to be published on our blog you must:

May 9, 2013


sketchup model classic villa interior#1
good evening guys
here is a new sketchup 3d model shared by our friend architect   Sơn Minh from VietNam who studied at the University of Trung Kien Truc Cap.
it is of the internal furnishing a beautiful classical villa that expresses the culture of this nation.
The model is complete with all the texture and vray setting and includes a living area, 1 dining area and kitchen area 1, enriched by many 3d componets furnishing accessories  

A big thanks to  Sơn Minh for this tribute