Apr 25, 2014

International architectural competition for student

Start competition April 17, 2014
End competition July 17, 2014

LEVERANO HORIZON TOWER is the latest international architectural competition for students organized by ARCHIstart , see together what this is :
The goal of LEVERANO HORIZON TOWER competition is to make the most of the landscape of Arneo by promoting the projecting of tower observatories located close to rural tracks and roads leading from Leverano to the sea, able to reinterpret in a modern way the tradition of the typical towers of Salento. 

The new observatories will have the double function of new privileged observation points of the local landscape, allowing the visitor to have a complete vision on the referred territory, and of stop areas (rest zones, selling points for local products, shops for sustainable means of transport) hosting services for tourists going to the sea. The main objective is to encourage a new idea of touristic development for the territory, thanks to an innovative model of accommodation facility crossing and regenerating the territory in all its aspects (villages, rural ares, coast).
Have you ever desired to observe the landscape from above? The competition promotes the projecting of a refuge from which it is possible to go beyond the height of the crown of olive trees forming the countryside and to watch the territory from a privileged point of view. The towers will be located in the part of the Territory going from Leverano to the coast (7km) and will be far 1 km from each others. 

The tower will host the Following spaces:
- touristic shelter equipped with services for a minimum of 2 people;
- area for sustainable mobility(bike shop, wifi area,rest area). These half-public spaces are at the discretion of the designer;
- observatory.
The tower will have these dimensions:
- maximum height of 18 m ;
- maximum amount of space at the base of 5m x 5m.

We suggest a study of the economic and technical feasibility of the construction and of the project choices which have to take these aspects into consideration.
The project must be presented with one table in DIN-A1 format. This must report the registration code of the team received from the team leader by e-mail.
In case the name of the team or its members, or any explicit reference appear, allowing to associate the project to the team, the proposal will be disqualified.

1° prize: 1500 € + Exhibition + Publication​
2° prize: 1000 € + Exhibition + Publication​
3° prize:   500 € + Exhibition + Publication​
Special mention: Exhibition​

Publication: The selected projects will be published on the websites specialized in the domain of architecture, allowing in this way a diffusion on the internet thanks to social networks and blogs.
Exhibitions: The selected projects will be presented with exhibitions in one museum of Leverano during the summer and in iarchitettura presso Galleria Francesco Foresta in Lecce.

For all info click here 
for all details of the program click here
download here Rules

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