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Apr 9, 2015

Amazing free set of 50 sketchup file liquids shapes

Yesterday we shared on our Facebook page, an awesome set of 50 obj file liquids shapes was made to bring some final realism to your renderings, made by Waldemar Barkowski to Visuelle Kommunikation
Obviously obj files must be imported into SketchUp, using a plugin SimLab OBJ importer for Sketchup, downloadable to SketchUpcation.

Today we received a big gift, a result of the hard work of our friend Adam Muir Hails by MuirView Landscape & Design who sent us this beautiful message:

Hi Sketchup Texture  I spent the last hour working on converting the "Liquids" collection into a more usable form for Sketchup users.  I imported them into 3ds Max and then individually reduced the polycount with MooTools Polygon Cruncher.

There were a few that were not heavy and I didn't reduce, but the heavy ones I reduced them just enough to not degrade the detail.  I then welded all the verticies and removed the stray verts.

Then I centered and corrected the pivots and finally exported to .skp via the SimLab Max to Sketchup exporter, which exports to Sketchup 8  version.  They should be light enough to work with and use in higher frequency now.  I hope that is helpful to the community! A big thank you Adam for this excellent support!
Now in our working group, we are experimenting some  test, using these files. In a few days we will publish the most significant render works
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