Dec 8, 2013


We present the list of the top 25 finalist 3d works of the challenge "Palladium style" selected by the admins and by popular vote,  that has elected as winner Patrick Llenares.

The challenge has had a huge international success. They are received 242 render, all of excellent quality, made ​​with different rendering engines, and for the admin group "3D Challenge" has been particularly difficult to choose the 15 art works, to add to the selection of the popular vote,  for the to complete list of finalists to be submitted to the evaluation of the technical jury.

In the next 48 hours, according to the following evaluation method
Realism 30 pts / 20 pts Composition / Ligthing and texturing 30 pts / 20 pts overal impact.
Will be announced the official winner of the challenge
A big good luck to all challengers!

Here are the 25 finalists in alphabetical order. We invite you to encourage them expressing your consent by clicking here with a "LIKE"
Anatoly Reza Pahlevy Copyright

Arqdesing Make Ideas True Copyright

Dadi Nazriel Supriadi Copyright

Daniel Monticalbo Copyright

DB Renders Copyright

Dedy Nurmansyah Copyright

DofArch-Thailand Copyright

Eduardo Belonio Copyright

Frank-Elona Copyright

Guillermo-Jimenez-Garcia Copyright

Ismayil-Zeyd Copyright

James-Corbo-Olivar Copyright

Javan-Arrae Copyright

Jovim Diaz Copyright

Leo-Adhytia-Tobing Copyright

Nguyen-Khanh-Vu Copyright

Patrick-Llenares Copyright

Rasty-Bacaltos Copyright

Raúl Coronado Copyright

Riel HarBii Copyright

Ronald de Castro Copyright

Roquemar-Beltran Copyright

Sonia Alonzo Copyright

Suarez-Zernan Copyright

Suresh Tamang Copyright

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