Aug 4, 2013

Le Corbusier Casa Curutchet 3D_Challenge

Nomer Adona of Sketchupvaryresources and Rosanna Mataloni of Sketchp Texture
together they created the group 3Dchallenge dedicated solely to the challenges of rendering that we are going to propose during the yearWe would like to invite everyone for this another exciting Challenge:

Le Corbusier Casa Curutchet 3D Challenge  august 2013
3D_ challenge_august_2013_Casa Curutchet by Le Corbusier

here's some image extracted from the 3D model that you will have use

Casa Curutchet by Le Corbusie-perspective
sketchup_model_Casa Curutchet by Le Corbusie-perspective

plan view
sketchup_model_Casa Curutchet_plan view
ground floor
sketchup_model_Casa Curutchet_ground floor
first floor
sketchup_model_Casa Curutchet_first_floor
second floor
sketchup_model_Casa Curutchet_second_floor

at this link you can see an overview of the images 
available on the Internet to deepen the documentation

We want to challenge you to look at the model and also the material used by Le Corbusier. We want you to replicate the material of the architectural design. The challenge here is to respect as much as possible the architecture but adding your creative license to visualize it better. What angle can you show effectively this architectural marvel? In what ways can you bring and highlight the beauty of this design? How can you creatively set up the frame of your composition in this image?

Again, you are the professional in this task. Bring out the best of this model using the visualization tools in your hands

those who wish to participate in the challenge, you can do asking 
HERE to subscribe to the group 3D CHALLENGE
Challenge rules

1. Members can submit as many images as you can. But be mindful members can decipher you effort. The challenge is not really the notion of providing many entries, rather the quality of visualization.
 2. Only the images included in the challenge album will be considered as Official Entries.
3. You can add modeling details; add entourages, but not changing the house design.
4. You can do any views you want, interior, exterior etc.
5. The final date of submission of entries is August 31st 2013. 
6.  logo to be included in the final rendering posted in the album Download here directly

Judging the Challenge   
  •   The top 10 most likes will be automatically qualified in the final 20, the most like image will win the Most Popular title.
  • The admin will choose at least 10 other images to complete the final 20. The admin will solely select the ADMIN CHOICE.
  • The final 20 will be judged using online voting . The winner will be crowned as the Challenge winner.
  • method of evaluation of the technical jury  Realism 30 pts - Composition 20 pts -  lighting and texturing 30 pts - overall impact  20 pts

We will promote the winner using blogs, news, and awarding the title 3D Challenge monthly winner which is a great thing for your portfolio. The "making" will be published to sites, magazines and blogs too. Let not the material prize is the motivating factor here, rather the spirit of challenging ourselves through excellence and sharing. Through this you can earn the biggest prize.. RESPECT.

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