May 27, 2013


with the opening of a new section of the blog titled
with the aim of making known to the international public the creative abilities of the fans of our facebook page , students or recent graduates in architecture or design.
In order to be published on our blog you must:

A - share an unreleased your sketchup model (which is not already published elsewhere)
      or alternatively,
      sharing a your render complete Visopt
      or sharing one of your tutorial unpublished of common interest to all.

B - you must attach the authorization to publish the material that you send us and a statement that the material is your intellectual property

We will be free to choose only the material of real interest
We will be free  to remove the profile if the shared material is published on other websites, of course with the exception of your personal website

THE PRESENTATION FORM WILL CONTAIN the following general information:
1 -  A photograph or your logo
      - name and surname,
      - the course of study,
      - city ​​and country to which they belong
2 - a link to the direct contact (email address, or personal blog)
3 - the publication of your work meaningful accompanied by a brief description

To contact us Please send us a message, in the English language
in the messaging of our facebook page

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