Jan 9, 2017

Awesome "CRAZY HOME " by Momenti, new design concept

We are always looking for new and specials "design concepts " , able to attract our attention, and present them to you to tickle your creativity to experiment with new features and new looks, new settings and new emotions.

Today we were fascinated by this fantastic Italian company : MOMENTI, is a company created by the brothers Alexandro and Matteo Bagnai, defined the tailors of Italian design 

at this link, we propose a selection of  22 interesting images textures, of concrete wall, concrete tiles,  wallpapers and fabrics, taken from the Momenti collection, we invite you to experiment with in your new 3D designs. The images are not all seamless, because the feature of this design is the patchwork effect, random, surprising and reflects the motto of Bagnai Brothers, founders of 'company:

" They will tell you that you are crazy, but we like to remember that sometimes
we must have the courage to believe in what others do not see"

Click here to see our editorial CRAZY HOUSE by MOMENTI

NOTE: to download the textures pack , 
you will be redirected on our new website, where you need to register

CRAZY HOME by MOMENTI textures pack

CRAZY HOME furniture by Momenti to Bagnai Matteo
CRAZY HOME by Momenti to Bagnai Matteo
CRAZY HOME by Momenti to Bagnai Matteo inspiration to designer

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