Jan 15, 2017

Free sketchUp 3D model Los Manantiales Restaurant

Free sketchUp 3D model Los Manantiales Restaurant by Luis De Leon

Author's description:
This building, by FĂ©lix Candela Spanish architect, is located in Xochimilco is considered a very significant to have their origins in pre-Hispanic period to the present day Mexico City. The place is known for having one of the major sources of fresh water to supply the city.

Los Manantiales was created as Candela’s mastery thin-shell concrete construction was solidifying. Initially conceived for another client on a different site, the structure found realization as a replacement for a wooden restaurant alongside a floating gardens filled canal in the Xochimilco area of Mexico City.

During the twentieth century, Xochimilco was (and remains) a place of recreation for the inhabitants of Mexico City that Sunday to Sunday strolling through the channels in so-called "trajineras" (wooden boats) by the lake of the same site , lingering with the floating gardens that exist here.

Candela did not want to clash with tradition and beauty that nature gave to this place, so he decided to propose a building with features that they might be involved in these gardens, as an object that floats from its structure, resembling a flower lotus floating on the water, achieves this effect
The decision to fire was the design of a circular dome, formed by the intersection of eight segments from the meeting of four hyperbolic paraboloid (surface similar to that of a saddle horse).

The maturity and insight of Candela allowed to eliminate the edge beam and concentrate the weight support structure starting at the supports that are tucked into the outer edge of the paraboloids. At first glance you see the concrete lip that never touches the earth and keeps the flight. In the front edges of the parables we can see how close the space from glass plates with metallic trim 2.40 x 2.40 meters.

I wanted to model the Los Manantiales Restaurant in sketchUp, trying to reproduce better the original project, and share it with all members of Sketchup Texture Club hoping you enjoy it.
The 3D model is available in SketchUp 8 so everyone can download it.

In the zip file I included: the Vray exterior visopt and the HDRI used to this scene, V-Ray proxy vegetation, textures and bump used here. A big hello to all, sympathetically ^-^
Luis De Leon.

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Free sketchUp 3D model Los Manantiales Restaurant

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