Jan 19, 2017


by Taufik Mulyaman
Author's description:

Hello to everyone
I'm happy to share my SketchUp 3d model, with all members of Scketchup Texture Club, which I follow for a long time.

I had already shared in the past, on this Blog, some of my 3D models, and who knows me, knows that to render, I use Artlantis for SketchUp.
Today I propose here a luxurious Master bedroom in modern style with a dark masculine ambiance.

I saved the 3D model in SketchUp 8, complete with all the textures, so anyone can download it and use it for practice
I have included in the zip archive the Artlantis interior ATLA, (it is the corresponding vray Visopt, but can not be used for those who use vray) I hope you enjoy it ^-^

Cheers ! Good job everyone
Taufik Mulyaman

Click here to DOWNLOAD the sketchUp 3D model Master Bedroom by Taufik Mulyaman ATTENTION, to download these files : you will be redirected on our new website, where you need to register.
Master bedroom free sketchup 3d model by Taufik Mulyaman

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