Jan 14, 2017

Free SketchUp 3D model Working Room and Vray Visopt

Free SketchUp 3D model Working Room by Alfonsus Sri Agseyoga
Author's description:
Hello everyone
This 3D Model was done in Sketchup. and is it made available in sketchup 8.
Only a simple composition of models, simple texturing, simple lighting.
Some objects in this scene are taken from 3d warehouse.
I included in the zip file, also the vray interior Visopt of this scene, and vray IES light
I hope will be helpful for our CG artist community
Thank you for all the SketchUp Texture admins,  for allowing in this years us to learn SketchUp and Vray
Cheers to all ! Alfonsus Sri Agseyoga

Click here to DOWNLOAD the 3D sketchup model Working Room by Alfonsus Sri Agseyoga
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Free SketchUp 3D model guys furniture

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