Oct 16, 2014

free sketchup model modern villa in Perù #27 vray materials

This excellent new 3d model, comes to us from Peru, courtesy of Erick Andre Rivero Zanatta, a young student of architecture. ( you can contact Erick by clicking HERE)

Erick tells us that he made ​​this model for a client who asked him to design his home in the giungla located in Pucallpa. The structure of the house, made ​​of reinforced concrete, with stone and wood finishes, has a double orientation, with an accentuated slope of the roof, due to heavy rains of this tropical zone,  and is equipped with large bright windows. The architectural style, overall returns a modern style well integrated into the landscape.

This design made sketchup 2013 and rendered  with vray 2.0, is available in sketchup 8 , complete with all textures and all maps , sketchup furniture components,  proxies  (trees, grass) and light points, and it really is a great 3d model for your exercises vray render
A big thanks to Erik for this great contribution!
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render  vray 2.0  by Erick Abdre Rivero Zanatta 
sketchup free 3d model modern villa #27
sketchup file 
free sketchup model modern villa #27 sketchup file
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