Oct 19, 2014

Free sketchup model living room #34 visopt and Vray setting

Really nice new sketchup 3d model of today,  courtesy by archt Mufti Arifin (You can contact him by clicking HERE ) who shared with us his project of this modern living room,  available in sketchup 8, complete with all the textures, vray Visopt, and hdri used for the realization of this scene , ready to be rendered with vray 1.6. Thank you so much for this excellent contribution to our community !
By clicking HERE can see two excellent tutorials on how to use hdri in Vray for sketchup

Download HERE 3D sketchup model Living dining room #34 | rar file 74MB
PASSWORD 34living

ATTENTION : the password to extract the file, must be typed, do not copy and paste
 living room #34 vray render by Mufti Arifin
free sketchup 3d-model living-room 34 visopt and vray setting
free sketchup 3d model living room 34 sketchup file
free sketchup 3d-model living-room 34 sketchup file
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