Oct 11, 2014

free sketchup model modern villa #26 with vrmesh & proxy vray material

This impressive contribution is a courtesy of Jason Diocera , author of the 3D visualization, and to Jeffrey Vallejo Tanate , author of the 3d model (made in sketchup 2014)  both 3D Visualizer and CAD Designer,  that have wanted to share with us both the 3d model, that the vray materials , used for the realization of the render.
The file in fact contains a real treasure of useful vray materials: Maserati and Audi car with  Proxy and  Vrmesh, palm and trees with proxy, vrmesh and sketchup 3d model, and finally,  the HDRI image used to render the scene made with vray 2.0.
A big thanks to Jason and Jeffrey for your support!

Download HERE 3d sketchup model villa#26 | rar file 188 MB 

PASSOWORD  26jason

ATTENTION : the password to extract the file, must be typed, do not copy and paste
vray 2.0 render by Jason Diocera 
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