Sep 17, 2013

How to create 3D trees with sketchup

Excellent tutorial shared by our friend Krisnel Raval explaining pass-by-step how to make, with sketchup, trees 3d models.
Samples of trees generated in frecle and imported in SU by Krisnel Raval. is available by clicking here

We all know that sketchup is a powerful tool in creating 3D object but creating 3d trees manually in sketchup requires time and patience to a 3d artist. In this tutorial we will learn the procedure in creating 3D trees in external software like Frecle TreeD and load it into sketchup.


1. First, you need to download and install to your computer the following software’s and plug-ins.
2. Now, we start creating or modeling our 3d plants and tree in frecle tree(d). This freeware creates    3D trees and export .OBJ file that can be imported to SU. Open Tree(d) software:
 There are four tab’s in tree(d) 1. Tree Tab , 2. Trunk Tab, 3. Branch Tab and, 4. Leaf Tab

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