Sep 18, 2013


Another wonderful gift of our well known friend Nguyễn Đức, this scene 3d, made in sketchup 2013
ready to be rendered in v-ray, which is a real show!
You can also download the Visopt we had published previously and at the same link you can also see the various render tests with different angles of this 3d model Study Room
Again a big thanks Đức Nguyễn !!!

sketchup_model_stydy_room #2_vray render test

sketchup model stydy room #2  Vray render by Đức Nguyễn view 2
sketchup_model_stydy_room #2_Đức Nguyễn_view 2
sketchup model stydy room #2 Vray render by Đức Nguyễn view 3
sketchup_model_stydy_room #2_Đức Nguyễn_view 3
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