Jan 13, 2017

Free SketchUp 3D model Pool House night scene & Vray Visopt

Pool House night scene and VISOPT by Horacio kramer

Author's description
Hello everyone, this is the project of expansion, of my aunt's house, which includes the addition of a room and a guest bathroom, the inclusion of a swimming pool, a small gym and a deposit.

Have also been provided two areas to relax and enjoy with friends. The 3d model, was created in SketchUp 2016, but is available in SketchUp 8, rendered in vray for SketchUp 2.0.
In the zip file, I included the vray exterior Visopt, HDRI, and vray proxy vegetation, vray IES light which I used for this scene.

I'm happy to share my work it with all members of Sketchup texture Club.
Have a nice day, Horacio kramer

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Free SketchUp 3D model Pool House & vray Visopt