May 12, 2016


designer info
Designed, Modeled and Rendered : SARATH SASIDHARAN 
software : Sketchup 2013
rendering engine : Vray 2.0 for sketchup
Post  Production : Photoshop 
Profession: Cad Draughtsman
Work location : Mavelikara, INDIA

his fantastic free sketchup 3d model, designed by SARATH SASIDHARAN is a single family home with a nice game of volumes, very well balanced, in the Karala typical architectural style

Kerala architecture is a kind of architectural style that is mostly found in Indian state of Kerala and all the architectural wonders of kerala stands out to be ultimate testmonials for the ancient vishwakarma sthapathis of kerala. Kerala's style of architecture is unique in India, in its striking contrast to Dravidian architecture which is normally practiced in other parts of South India.

The 3d model, is available in sketchup 2013 complete with: all textures - vray Vrmesh, vray trees and proxy materials and exterior Vray Visopt.
This is a really great 3d model for your exercises vray render, but remember to always give credit to the author of the model, not only for courtesy but is also an ethical duty.

A big thanks to SARATH for this great contribution at our sketchup community!

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