May 11, 2016


 designer info
Designed, Modeled and Rendered : Jonas Banzon
software : Sketchup 2014
rendering engine : Vray 2.0 for sketchup
Post  Production : Photoshop 
Profession: architecture student
Work location : Pasig City - Philippines

Beautiful modern Kitchen sketchup model, played on the lacquered white tones, finished in zebrano that give it a truly elegant style without sacrificing functionality and practicality.

The model includes: vray interior VISOPT, HDRI dome light, used for this scene, vray vismat material, fully textured, ready to do your exercises with Vray!

For those who want to deepen the topic on Image Based Lighting with the Dome Light click here and check out the user guide  Vray for sketchup
A big thank you a Jonas for this useful contribution to our community !

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