Mar 29, 2016

Tutorials Make real grass with proxies in Vray for sketchup

Nice and helpful tutorials, shared by Archie Atalin, which explains, step by step, how to make realistic grass, by using proxies in V-Ray for SketchUp. 
Thanks so much Atlain for sharing !

Materials download 
At this link you can download the Proxy Package:

Make real grass in Vray for sketchup

1 - from a dome, we can create a single grass blade just by intersecting a pointed half ellipse or sword like shape underneath it, projeting to the top.

2 - Then create first a material for the grass before intersecting it to one another or combining.

3 - Apply each and every blade the material we create, before inserction.
TIP: in modifyng my materials sometimes  i put BUMP and small amount of reflection to bounch light.

4 - Combine or intersect from one another, make sure each blades tips are pointed to ransom orientations.

5 - Create a disk/circle and group it before putting the grass. Randomly scatter the grass through size an location. NOTE : make sure you put the disk at the center of axis.

6 - Remove or hide the disk and it'll be ready for exporting, select all gras, tick vray export.
As you can see this is the default setting for exporting to Proxy

7 - Her, i change the setting of poly by checking the set triangle count for preview mesh by 50 ( half of the first figure). NOTE : the lesser the poly the lighter and easier to render.

8 - After we tick ok, this should apper on your sketchup window

9 - Test render it. The outcome should be like this

10 - Set it on a plane

11 - Hit render after. Open fur-en setting ( make Crowd) and check the proxy we created. Set the density of your choice and hit make Crowd

12 - From raw to finich , final result
It is forbidden to upload our material available for download on any website or blogs or social networks. 
Any violation will be legally prosecuted

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