Oct 25, 2014

Tutorial Vray for sketchup puddles on the road after rainy

Here is a little Vray tutorial , for creating puddles on the road after rainy,  shared by Ida Bagus Angga Pramana‎ , (You can contact him by clicking on its name) in our working group on facebook . Thanks so much Ida Bagus !

vray material editor 
vray material editor tutorial Vray for sketchup wet road

road map 

Road bump

bitmap file - Dirt map 
final result render by Ida Bagus Angga Pramana
sketchup  2013 + Vray 1.49 + PS + Lightroom
Another render by Ida Bagus Angga Pramana
3d challenge contest Modern minimalist eco house 
obtained by the same method
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