Oct 25, 2014

Tutorial vray for sketchup making a modern bedroom #1

Fantastic tutorial, shared with us by Dario Ilardi, of  Grafica2d3d.com,  I recommend to see.
The website is in Italian, but it is full of excellent tutorials, understandable in any language.

This great tutorial, explain, step by step, how to obtain, by using vray 2.0 for sketchup, a render, clear and clean as what we see in the picture below.
Dario say : " I'm experimenting with the use of brute force as a substitute of irradiance map and I must say that in terms of speed and quality impressed me positively "
Thanks so much Dario for this one, the result is really good !

final render Vray 2.0 by Dario Ilardi 


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