Apr 23, 2014

Free sketchup 3d model living room #26 vray setting

Another great contribution, comes to us today from Hanoi, Vietnam, from our architect friend Dao Tuan Anh where he lives and works.

This 3d scene which we have called "living room" is actually a movie set, which we liked very much for the wealth of detail it contains. Something different from the usual, with excellent 3d components
and as you can see from the pictures, there is a lot of work to finish the walls really exquisite
The 3d model, available in sketchup 8,  is complete with all textures, including the lights, and it is ready to be rendered with vray for sketchup. 
Password  26#living 
remember, you can not upload this job on your website or on your blog
2d image extraction from sketchup file

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