Oct 25, 2013


In recent days we have seen how to insert a watermark in the drawing area of sketchup the big news is that now with vray 2.0 ,  you can render it background tab put the same image and change the mode to screen. Let's see how :

a big thank you to DB RENDERS for this tip

STEP 1: Open your model

STEP 2:  import your background image and load it into styles/watermark

STEP 3:  make sure to check background option

STEP 4: make sure to check lock aspect ratio

STEP 5:  go to enviroment / background  (M) and load the same image TexBit

STEP 5b: Chose your camera point of view, that best match your background, use fov

STEP 6: Set the UVW type to GenEnviroment, and the mapping typer to screen

STEP 7: Thest the render, your image should appear rendered in the background

final result

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