Nov 7, 2013


Vray Proxy grass
Being able to make a nice lawn realistic is one of the first difficulties we encounter when we begin
to make our first render.

Basically, with any rendering engine we are working on, not only you need to choose the excellent textures (sometimes I see lawns that look just the floors) but you also have to choose the suitable texture to the scene.

For those who still do not know, in our section "Grass texture" there is a wide range of seamless images. This model, vray proxy grass  made by Phunguyen Vfs, it is certainly an excellent support with which you can get the test result you see in the render below, performed with vray by our young architect Bharath Musunuri. A big thanks to both our friends for this great contribution !

modeled by  Phunguyen Vfs - render test by Bharath Musunari

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