Jul 9, 2017

Great new seamless textures pebbles & gravel and maps

In the textures section " Gravel & Pebbles " we released 4 new Pebbles and Gravel seamless textures, high resolution, including maps,
We remind you that all of our textures can be used with any rendering engine

Note: clicking on the link you will be redirected to our website
For download these textures, you need to register as a Club member

displacement, normal and specular
pixel 5344 x 3008 - cm 188.5 x 106
displacement, normal and specular
pixel 5000 x 3000 - cm 176x 106
pixel 4500 x 3000 - cm156 x 105
bump, displacement, normal
bump, displacement, normal
pixel 4000 x 3000 - cm 141 x 105
Our textures should be used, respecting our terms of use. 

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