Nov 28, 2016


A theme that stimulates the imagination. A classic, elegant design, that is possible to combine in all forms. In these new 4 packages, we included all the seamless textures materials needed to give vent to your design skills: fabrics, carpeting, rugs, wallpapers, and in the coming days also we will release a beautiful textures pack of tiles on the same theme

The 4 new super PACKS, contain a collection of seamless textures High resolution
Pack 1 -  35 Houndstooth fabrics seamless textures
Pack 2 -  24 Houndstooth carpeting seamless textures
Pack 3 -  24 cut out Houndstooth rugs
Pack 4 -  14 Houndstooth wallpapers seamless textures

Note: to download these files, you will be redirected on our new website, where you need to register

houndstooth seamless textures pack collection

Houndstooth, it is suitable for any type of furniture, classic or modern, and is perfect to give a new face to an old couch. or an old chair or an old piece of furniture.

Just use your creativity to create with little, a new, fresh, friendly, personal and elegant environment
Great to give a new look to any room of the house: living room, bedroom, but also for the kitchen and bathroom. Fantastic matched with raw or lacquered wood.

With the hope that our gift is to your liking, we wish you all
Happy Holidays 2016 ^-^ 
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