Jul 5, 2015

Free Sketchup model Modern Living room Italian style #38 -Vray Visopt

Modern Living room Italian style  #38 design info 
Designed, modeled and Rendered by : Andres Tomas
contact : Facebook page , website 
You can contact him by clicking on the link above
software : Sketchup 2015
rendering engine : Vray 2.0 for sketchup
Profession:  Freelance 3d render & Furniture Designer
Location : Charvensod - Valle d'Aosta - Italy 

I'm really happy to host here today,  one of my countryman, who wanted to share with us his 3d model of a modern living room, set in a typical rustic Italian house , restored highlighting in some parts, the original stone structure typical of the Valle d'Aosta . Very beautiful  coordination of the colors of the layout, that create an environment very fine.
The 3d model, is done in sketchup 2015 , but available also in sketchup 8 , complete with:
-  Vray interior Visopt - all textures - carpet  vray Vrmesh materials
A big thanks to Andres for this nice  great contribution !

remember to always give credit to the author of the model, not only for courtesy but is also an ethical duty A big thanks to Andreas  for this new great contribution !

Download Here 3d Skp model living room #38 | rar file 122 MB

living room 38 Vray render  by Andres Tomas 
Sketchup frame  living room #38 by Andres Tomas 

Sketchup frame  living room #38 by Andres Tomas 
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