Jul 26, 2015

Free sketchup model Eco Resort #50 & vray Visopt

sketchup model Eco Resort #50designer info

Designed, Modeled and Rendered : Thilina Liyanage
(You can contact him by clicking on its name)
software : Sketchup 2015
rendering engine : Vray 2.0 for sketchup
Post  Production : Photoshop CS6
Profession: architect, 3d visualizer
Work location : Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka

This beautiful sketchup 3d model is courtesy by the architect Thilina Liyanage who shared exclusively with us,  his project of this eco resort , available in sketchup 8

Thilina, as always, surprises us for its generosity, because in addition to the 3D model complete with all textures, has annexed to the file, the dome light visopt of this excellent scene , vray 2.0 proxye trees, vrmesh vray materilas,  the HDRI used for this scenes and many 3D components : 3d fish, 3d hummingbird, 3d seagulls, 3d ducks, 3d lotus plants and 3d peoples.

here,  the tutorial vray for sketchup 2.0, Creating and Using V-Ray Proxies,
here,  the tutorial  2D Proxies in V-Ray for SketchUp
by clicking here, this tutorial will teach you how to use the dome light feature in V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp. The VRay Dome Light is a V-Ray specific light source plug-in that can be used to create image base lighting setup.

You have available all material useful for practicing using V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp. This is a really awesome sharing. Thank you so much Thilina for this fantastic contribution to our community !

Download HERE 3d sketchup model Eco Resort #5o & all material | rar file 141 MB

50 sketchup model eco resort vray render by Thilina Liyanage - view 2
50 sketchup model eco resort vray render by Thilina Liyanage - detail

50 sketchup model eco resort  by Thilina Liyanage - extracted from sketchup
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