Jul 11, 2015

Excellent free sketchup model Concrete Block House #47 - Vray Visopt

3d model  Concrete Block House 47 designer info

Designed, modeled  and rendered  by: Fábio Wilson Rezende
(You can contact him by clicking here)
software : Sketchup 2015
rendering engine : Vray 2.0 for sketchup
Post  Production : Photoshop CS6
Profession : Architecture Student
Work location :  Sao Paulo - Brazil

This excellent 3d model, designed by Fabio is a modern Block House  with a concrete structure in sight.  It is a single family home on 2 levels, with large and bright windows, which overlook onto a  beautiful pool, that Fabio, has generously decided to share exclusively with us
The 3d model, is available in sketchup 2015 and also sketchup 8, complete with:
-  all textures  - vray Vrmesh water material  - Hdri used in this scene and the exterior Vray Visopt. 
This is a impressive 3d model for your exercises vray render but remember to always give credit to the author of the model, not only for courtesy but is also an ethical duty
A big thanks to Fabio for this new great contribution!

Download here 3d  sketchup model Concrete Block House #47| rar file 390 MB 

Concrete Block House  47- sketchup frame
free sketchup model Concrete Block House  #47 

Vray render by Fábio Wilson Rezende Additional views

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