Mar 16, 2015

Free sketchup 3d model modern living room #37, vray visopt

Living room 37 design info 

Designed, Modeled and Rendered by :Ping Belonio
software : Sketchup
rendering engine : Vray 2.0 for sketchup
Facebook page Ricksen Construction

Profession : Designer and 3d visualization for
                     Ricksen Construction
Work location :  Pasay City -  Philippines

This great 3d model, full of components to be used in your 3D scenes, is courtesy by Ricksen Construction,  who shared exclusively for us,  this really nice work of a modern living room with cushioned sofas and wood structure in sight.

The 3d model,  is made available in sketchup 8 , complete with all the textures, vray interior Visopt, Vray Ies Light, and Hdri  used in this scene.
Thank you so much for this beautiful contribution to our community !

PASSWORD 37belonio
free sketchup 3d model living room 37 vray render by Ping Belonio
Free sketchup 3d model modern living room #37, vray visopt
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