Mar 21, 2015

awesome free sketchup 3d model Ray sofa BB Italia furniture

Excellent series of cushioned sofas, model Ray Sofa, produced by BB Italia, modeled by Sketchup Texture,  consisting of 11 modules of various sizes, available in sketchup 8 , allowing you to design a living area of small or large size, creating a modern ambience and elegant to great effect.
Happy spring to all!

Download here 3d sketchup model Ray sofa #19| rar file 13 MB 

PASSWORD 19sketchuptexture

ATTENTION : the password to extract the file, must be typed, do not copy and paste
Sketchup 3d model  Ray Sofa BB  Italia 
free Sketchup 3d model Ray Sofa BB Italia by
 Sketchup 3d model Ray Sofa BB  Italia modules
free Sketchup 3d model Ray Sofa BB Italia modules by
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