Nov 6, 2014

Quick PS tips for improve clarity, in order to highlight the lights in post production

This tutorial is made with PS CS6
image, courtesy by Metta Kaliyana‎ 

As it we started from a render posted in jpg format, I have to do few more steps as visible in steps 1 and 2
Step 1: I selected the sky, to exclude it from the changes
Step 2: I inverted the selection, to only work  on the house
Step 3: From Image> adjusts> tonal values (for CS6)
             or from image> adjusts> levels (for CS 3-4-5)
Step 4: from image> adjusts> Photo Filter> orange / 85), 30 percent
Step 5 From Image> adjusts> Contrast +21
step 6 : I used the Dodge tool> lights > exposure 12%
> brush 149 px >, then I spent the brush on the lighting points to accentuate the brightness
this is the FINAL RESULT
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