Jul 11, 2014

Italian style, apartment renovated 89 sqm #3 free 3d sketchup model

The apartment was initially consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, a large entrance hall, a living area, in common with the 'dining area, and two small bathrooms, one of which was really very small.
The customer wanted give the apartment a modern impact with the addition of an extra bedroom for studio use, with a bed of emergency, without having to give up a spacious living area.
In addition, he asked that both bathrooms, they could have all the amenities.

And here is the project of Rosanna Mataloni that after two years, we can share with the client's permission. We specify that all the furnishings used here were constructed tailored because being the apartment, part of a building, there were constraints to be respected, for example, the windows, it was not possible to move, close or open in a new location, the central pillar, and 2 load-bearing walls.

Unlike other 3d models shared on our website, this model made ​​in sketchup 8, fully textured, are presented without setting render, and is presented with images extracted directly from the sketchup file. The goal is to offer a project in the Italian style, highly personalized, based on the coordination of colors and materials, on the exploitation of every single space for the livability of a family of 3, comfortable and cozy, modern but timeless

Download HERE 89 sqm apartement renovation sketchup 8 - rar file 77.4 MB

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Italian style,Italian style, apartment renovated 89 sqm #3

89 sqm apartment renovated before - after
89 sqm apartment renovated planimetry dimensions
89 sqm apartment renovated layout
89 sqm apartment renovated living area 

89 sqm apartment renovated dinig and kitchen area 

89 sqm apartment renovated kitchen area
89 sqm apartment renovated study room

89 sqm apartment renovated guy room

89 sqm apartment renovated master bedroom

89 sqm apartment renovated master bathroom

89 sqm apartment renovated guest bathroom

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