Jul 26, 2014

Free sketchup 3d model sofa Arne Antonio Citterio design

Sofa Arne, Manufacturer B&B Italia, is a tribute to a great Italian designer Antonio Citterio which is one of my favorite designers.
This seating system has a distinctive, curved shape and a comfortable backrest. It’s available in a lot of different configurations, for different sized areas, and can take up more or less space with a seating area of a larger or smaller width. Options without armrests are available, as well as models with one or two armrests. In this case the armrests are the natural continuation of the suspended backrest. Arne sofas were designed to be set next to the wall or be placed in the centre of a room. 

The seating areas have large seat cushions and are sustained by aluminium supports. Each model is cosy and welcoming. The semi-circular or corner versions of Arne provide face-to-face seating for people to gather around a point of attraction, which is the television or the home theatre set in today’s houses. Arne is also the perfect place to relax in complete comfort. 

The 3d model is available in sketchup 8, full of texture. In the file, you will find the 3 main configurations. Enjoy ^ - ^

Download HERE 3d sketchup model Sofa Arne - B&B Italia #15 ( 3 file) rar file 50MB


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