Jul 20, 2014

Free sketchup 3d model modern Kitchen #9 Italian Design

Kalì, is a stunning modern kitchen designed and produced in Italy by Arredo 3 which well represents the latest furniture trends for this sector.
Kalì is a kitchen that joins typical elements of tradition with the contemporary settings. To reinterpret classical elements, integrating them with modern technologies as the handle 30° and grip profile system...this is the bet that Kalì is intended to win.

Working through a subtraction of decorative elements, it keeps unchanged typical warmth of old kitchens. A traditional suol interpreted with laminate that perfectly trace the oak matterism combined to innovative materials in glossy and mat laminate and top in laminate fenix.

Due to the interest that has aroused the post that we published on our facebook page a few days ago, we decided to model it in 3d, entrusting the task to Rosanna Mataloni, to which we give our thanks
The 3D model of kitchen Kali, is available in sketchup 8, complete with all the textures and accessories, as well as see in the image below
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Download HERE 3d sketchup model,  Kalì kitchen by Arredo 3 #9 - rar file 25 mb

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