Jun 15, 2014

sketchup free 3d model, trends design table chairs and 3d panel #13

Typography design trends
Today I present one of the trends of interior design that I really like for the creative possibilities that the theme offers: I speak of the typography letters of which lend themselves to create highly customized environments for home furnishings and interior design of public spaces such as restaurants, bars and offices. 
To give you an inspiration, I modeled exclusively for Sketchup Texture, some 3d models unedited: 
- 1 beautiful chair with cushion in quilted leather inspired by the letter "A"; 
- 1 table multipurpose, magnificent also used as a desk for an executive office; 
- 1 3d panel with letters in relief in various types of wood, very good, even using only the letters as    decoration on a white brick wall ... Now it's up to you ^-^  Open the doors, and let your imagination    go in. Here are some interesting examples in this gallery of collected images from the web

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3d table typography inspiration
table typography inspiration various views
3d chairs typography inspiration
3d panel typography inspiration
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