May 28, 2014

Sketchup free 3d model awesome neoclassical villa #23

I was speechless when I opened this 3d model and I saw the grandeur of this majestic villa in the neoclassical style, modeled in sketchup 8  by our architect friend Supraaudcha Andthe Somboon from Bangkok. (You can contact him by clicking on the his name)

The 3d model was constructed with attention to every detail architectural, domes, roofs, balconies, columns, friezes, windows, each element is modeled with extraordinary mastery. Inside the villa were placed some furniture and curtains in style with the architecture. Anyone of you, use sketchup, you can imagine how many hours of painstaking work it took to make this model , I hope that you know to appreciate this extraordinary tribute. In addition, the model is complete with textures, 3d trees, 3d grass, 3d hedges , and vray setting .

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vray Render neoclassical villa #23  by Supraaudcha Andthe Somboon 
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