May 7, 2014

free sketcup model, vray setting , hdri, proxy, villa #20

This modern villa is an excellent contribution, which is shared by our friend freelance interior design, Supraaudcha Andthe Somboon (You can contact him by clicking on the its name)  who lives and works in Bangkok.
Black house, this is the name of the 3d model, is a modern reinforced concrete construction in a minimalist style, with large bright windows, through which,  nature makes as a background as a big picture that changes depending on the season and the time.
The 3d model, is available in sketchup 8, is full of textures, proxies grass and trees, and Visopt hdri, lights, ready to be rendered with vray 1.6 or 2.0
You have all the material as possible to begin your exercise about this scene! . Please remember to give credit to the artist when publish your work on a social. 
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