Apr 7, 2014

Free Sketchup 3d model - Kitchen #5 & living room #25

A really excellent contribution this interior scene 3d shared with us today by Sketchup Phan Thức
When you open the file, you will be surprised from the careful attention to detail but also by the excellent arrangement of the layout.

The kitchen area is spacious and comfortable, stylistically well-coordinated. The table for 6 people, located on the right wall has been expertly rendered optically lightweight with the insertion the glass top. This arrangement makes the environment visually more spacious.

The living area, ideally separated from the kitchen, with a wood perforated panel, blends perfectly into the scene and to for  the choice of colors and for the choice of the models:  the armchairs and sofa, have a lightweight structure whose function is to give the room a feeling of spaciousness and lightness.
This 3d scene is available in sketchup 8, is complete with all textures, Visopt, and lights, and ready to be rendered with vray for scketchup
overview kitchen area - vray render by Sketchup Phan Thức

overview living area - vray render by Sketchup Phan Thức
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