Jan 19, 2014


Table, chair, bookcase #1
As of today we open two new sections of 3d models dedicated to the furniture for libraries:
1) A specific section for the furnishings of the space destined to the areas of the library for adults
2) a specific section  intended to spaces dedicated to children

The decision stems from the fact that many students often ask us the material on this topic for their projects examination and in fact on the Internet 3d components of this type are hard to find.
Obviously we have to load the material a little at a time, so you will not be immediately available a wide selection, but if we see that the topic is of interest to we will try to speed up a little the times .

The first 3d models that we share today regarding furniture for the children's area  from zero to six years, consisting of bookcase modules with  table tops, picture book boxes, elliptical table and Trioli chair produced by Magis furniture
The 3d bookcase modules are available in two basic design and can be connected using level or tilted sheet metal shelves. Material MDF whit soft coating ( a rubber-like finisch)

These 3d models may be used freely, but it is expressly forbidden to upload them to any website or social or selling them. For any further questions, please take note of our disclaimer

3d model children's  bookcase modules #1a
 picture book boxes  elliptical table Trioli chairs
children's  bookcase modules #1b

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