Jan 5, 2014


 Is a true masterpiece this 3d model, shared with us by our architect friend Napee Nawamarath of Bangkok where he lives and works as an interior designer
The 3D scene modeled in sketchup , complete with textures and Visopt , ready to be rendered with vray 2.0 , reproduces a luxurious and refined dining room in classic style.

Is surprising the attention to detail of this scene where every element has been chosen with care: white and brown are two colors in which declines throughout the scene giving it an elegant simplicity that eases the massive importance of the table, fully equipped , which dominates the central part of the scene.

All 3d components, the chandeliers, the appliques, the stuccoes on the walls, the armchairs  , the furnishings , the chandeliers , the curtains, and the piano on the right, all seamlessly integrated with a decidedly refined impression inserted into a bright and welcoming.
A big thanks to Napee for this excellent contribution to the sketchup community !

render  vray 2.0 by Napee Nawamarath 

sketchup 3d model luxury 3d dinig room by Napee Nawamarath

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