Jan 14, 2014


The class of Italian design is tangible in this beautiful kitchen
produced by Comprex  one of the best Italian companies ,designed from the study and associate architects Marconato & Zappa. which goes all my admiration for this outstanding contribution to Italian design, modeld in sketchup by Rosanna Mataloni ( Sketchup Texture  admin)
See it For me it was love at first sight!

Elegant and sober from simple clean lines with important thicknesses but especially its innovative concept that captures in full the new way of living in the kitchen.
I could not resist to reproduce  the model in 3d because I can not wait to be able to include in my next project, and I want to share it with all the young architects who frequent this website in hope to soon see some of your new project and render with some wonderful this subject.

The model I made ​​in 3d, is part of the Sign of Class, whose compositions can be many and all very beautiful (I plan in the coming days to model other compositions  ) is made with structure in canaletto walnut combined with the containers lacquered white.
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modeld in sketchup by Rosanna Mataloni 
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